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Surface Restoration with Protection That Pays For Distributors

Surface Restoration is a BIG revenue producing opportunity that you may be missing out on. Over 13 billion SF of concrete pavers have been installed since 1998 and all of these will require protection and maintenance to keep them looking beautiful long term.  Watch this short 25 minute webinar to learn how SEK-Surebond can help you maximize this VERY profitable opportunity. Click here to watch.

Surface Restoration with Protection That Pays For Contractors

How do you ensure long term customer satisfaction with your hardscape installations? If you are not protecting them and offering surface restoration, you could be losing repeat customers and future referrals. Watch this less than 20 minute webinar to learn how SEK-Surebond can help you start offering Surface Protection & Restoration, a profitable revenue producing opportunity that ensures long term customer satisfaction. Click here to watch.

Cleaning For Success – Available Soon

Cleaning hardscape surfaces can be done efficiently and effectively when following SEK-Surebond’s Restoration & Maintenance Guidelines. Watch this 30 minute webinar to debunk the myth that cleaning hardscapes can be risky and non-profitable.

Sealing For Protection That Pays – Available Soon

Most often your customers choose pavers and stone over less costly options for their beauty and curb appeal. By sealing these surfaces, you will keep your customers happy longer and protect their investments. Watch this 30 minute webinar to learn how you can easily add revenue by protecting and enhancing your hardscape projects.

EdgeCrete Paver Restraint In A Bag Webinar

A hardscape investment needs to be secured with a high quality edge restraint. When it comes to the edging options available and often times used, we have seen it all in our 30+ years – the good, the bad and the ugly. EdgeCrete is a polymer modified concrete edge restraint that offers superior strength and flexibility. Watch this video to learn what makes EdgeCrete a great option and the correct way to install it. Click here to watch.