Thank you so much for the awesome customer service!

“I just want to tell you how wonderful the customer service was from Greg at your company. I called initially trying to decide on a product. Your office referred me to Greg, the Sales Representative in my area. He was professional and helpful. Then, I purchased the cleaner and SB-8700 Wet Look Joint Stabilizing Sealer from one of your dealers in New Berlin, WI. My husband and I cleaned the brick with the hope of sealing the next day but Mother Nature had a different idea. After waiting 4 days without 24 hours of no rain, I hesitantly called Greg on Memorial Day. He was on vacation (I’m sure well deserved) so I contacted the number he had on his message which was for his supervisor. I also had to leave a message. We were hoping to seal, but had a few questions to make sure. Since we spent the money on the product we wanted to do it right. I tried Greg one more time a few hours later and he answered and was extremely helpful. His supervisor also called back a few minutes after Greg. We were able to spend Memorial Day finally sealing the patio – thank goodness!! Thank you so much for the awesome customer service!”

L. Hansen, Florida