Thanks again for all the wonderful help.

“Thank you again so very much for all your help and for the wonderful customer support. Your product is fantastic! My wife and I recently installed an in-ground pool, and built a partial retaining wall. A friend of ours told us about wall lights that could be installed along the cap block of the wall. While researching for lights, I came across your Wallter Lights. We purchased 2 sets of 4 and I installed them in the wall. They look great and give just the right amount of light in our pool area. The instructions are easy to follow and they are also easy to install. We liked these lights so much we added them to another short wall along our patio area and tied all the lights to one transformer. This is where your gracious help comes in. While installing them, I had set the lights in place on top of the wall to make sure everything looked alright and when I turned my back the neighbor’s dog grabbed one and tore it up. You replaced it at no charge. You don’t know how much that means to me, that a company is willing to help their customers this much. I know I have rambled on, but I enjoy the lights so much I wanted to let you know. Thanks again for all the wonderful help.”

Shell Family, Ohio