Innovative Solutions for Permeable Paver Installations:

PermEdge, PermChip & PermStik

Problems resulting from excessive water run-off such as pollution of our rivers, lakes and oceans and depletion of ground water resources inspired the creation of permeable pavers. Permeable pavers provide a “green” hardscape solution that allows water to infiltrate through the paver system. SEK-Surebond has been a pioneer in designing accessory products for permeable pavement installations.

PermEdge Permeable Paver Edge Restraint is a Proven Solution for Residential & Light Commercial Applications

PermEdge was created to avoid the high cost and cumbersome appearance of a concrete curb in residential and light commercial applications. PermEdge has the same great features of Snap Edge with the addition of a permanently attached geogrid anchor. The geogrid extends out from the edging and lies on top of the stone chip setting bed. The pavers are placed on top of the geogrid to hold the edging in place. This spike-less system provides an affordable edge restraint, requires no field assembly and is simple to install.

  • Spike-less PICP Edge Restraint
  • Fully Assembled with Geogrid Anchor Permanently Attached
  • One Piece Design for Straights & Curves
  • Made of 100% Recycled Material

 PermChip Permeable Chips Ensure Surface Infiltration in Both Commercial and Residential Permeable Paving Stone Installations

Perm Chip is the perfect choice for permeable paving stone installations, both as a bedding course and as a joint filler. It is a granite aggregate that is an extremely hard material and easily withstands the rigors of freeze/thaw cycles. It will not break down, helping to control runoff for years to come. PermChip is the right choice for both residential and commercial applications, including driveways, patios, walkways and parking lots.

  • Meets ASTM #9 Specification
  • 100% Fractured Surface
  • Freeze/Thaw Resistant
  • Available in Three Different Colors

SB-1000 PermStik™ PICP Chip Stabilizer

SB-1000 PermStik is a hybrid polymer blend designed to bind together granite chips (SEK PermChips are recommended) used in permeable paving systems and minimize their loss due to extractive forces from washout, traffic,and pavement sweeping. SB-1000 also provides protection against water, salts and atmospheric weathering of the pavement surface.  To learn more about SB-1000 and PICP Joint Stabilization Best Management Practice click here.

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PermEdge Helpful Information

PermEdge Brochure

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PermEdge Installation Cross Section

PermEdge Commercial Application Guidelines

PermEdge Installation Guidelines


  • Full Pallet – 64 Pieces

Shipping Specifications:

Full Pallet – 64 Pieces

  • Pallet Weight: 310 Pounds
  • Pallet Dimensions: 98″ x 48″ x 33″
  • Freight Class: 150

PermChip Helpful Information

PermChip Brochure

Eclipse Black

Saturn Tan

Stormy Gray