Surebond Multi-Use & Specialty Cleaners for Pavers, Natural Stone and Concrete will Restore & Maintain Your Hardscape Investment

Paver and natural stone hardscapes are a BIG investment that can provide years of beauty and enjoyment if well maintained.  Once the hardscape installation is complete, it is the ideal time to seal the surface and start following the appropriate maintenance schedule so it achieves maximum performance and remains beautiful through the years.  However, it is never too late to restore and protect a hardscape installation.  It’s easy to do with SEK-Surebond’s step-by-step Hardscape Restoration & Maintenance System that can make an old hardscape installation look like new again.

In the past, the hardscape industry has sold concrete pavers and natural stone as a maintenance-free investment that will last a lifetime even if nothing is done to maintain them.  Undoubtedly, over time, mother nature will take its toll on the hardscape’s original beauty.  It is not uncommon to experience stains, general dirtiness, weeds and other factors leading to the loss of a hardscape’s luster and beauty through the years.

Hardscapes are a substantial investment and can cost as much as a new car or even more.  Shouldn’t that new hardscape investment be maintained on a proactive and regular basis just like a car?  Of course it should, and SEK-Surebond has safe, powerful multi-use and specialty cleaners designed specifically for maintaining and restoring hardscape and concrete surfaces.  Plus, we have laid out an easy to follow, proactive maintenance schedule to assist preserving the beauty of a hardscape investment through the years.

  • Complete Hardscape Restoration Product Line
  • Multi-Use & Specialty Cleaners
  • Safe, Powerful & Fast Acting
  • Clean Rinse Technology
  • Prepares Unsealed Surfaces for Sealing
  • Ideal for Hardscape & Concrete Surfaces

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Four Steps to Surface Restoration

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IMPORTANT:  Always test small area for effectiveness before cleaning the entire project.

How do I remove oil and grease stains?

Remove any excess material from the surface with a plastic putty knife and white rags or paper towels.  Then pour Oil Extractor onto stain and completely cover.  Saturate a white cloth or paper towels with Oil Extractor and place over the entire stain.  Do not allow to dry out.   You will need to allow this to dwell on the stain for approximately an hour.  Remove cloth or paper towels and agitate stain with a stiff scrub brush.  Rinse and scrub till all Oil Extractor is flushed from surface.  Let dry.  Repeat as needed to completely remove stain.

How do I remove paint spots from my hardscape surface?

SureStrip not only will remove sealer from most hardscape surfaces but it will also remove paint drips and spills.  Remove any excess material from the surface with a plastic putty knife and white rags or paper towels.  Depending on the size of your stain, pour or spray SureStrip onto stain and let dwell for 10 to 15 minutes.  Keep moist with SureStrip as needed.  Agitate with stiff bristle brush and rinse with strong stream of cold water till rinse water runs clear.  Let dry.

Can food stains be removed from my patio surface without damage to the surface?

Yes.  The first step is to determine what the food stain is.  Most food stains that are not greasy or oily in nature (not like mayonnaise and salad dressings) are considered organic in nature.  Start with a dry surface. Remove any excess material from the stain by scraping with a plastic putty knife or wiping with a cloth or paper towels.  Mix a weak dilution of Stain and Rust Buster (start at 8-10: 1).  Pour dilution onto stain and let dwell for 3-5 minutes.  Agitate with a stiff bristle brush.  Flush with water.  Dry with leaf blower.  Repeat as needed with stronger dilution.

My patio is a number of years old with no obvious oil or food stains, but it is dirty and has leaf stains on it.  Can this be safely cleaned off?

SureClean will remove ground in dirt, pollution, leaf stains, minor fruit and nut stains from many different types of surfaces.  Start by removing any debris with a broom or leaf blower.  Next mix a mid-range dilution (35:1) and apply to approximately 400-500 SF area.  Wetting surface thoroughly with dilution of Sureclean and water.  Let dwell for 3-5 minutes.  Agitate with a stiff bristle broom or flat surface cleaner attached to a pressure washer.  A hot water pressure washer would also aid in this step.  Let dry to determine how successfully your cleaning efforts where.

Is there a safe way to remove Efflorescence from my hardscape surface?

Efflorescence is a natural occurring process.  We can safely remove the white stain from the surface but we are not able to remove the source that causes efflorescence.  Do a spot test first before attempting to clean the entire project.  Lightly mist the surface with water.  Start with a mild dilution (7-10:1) of Efflo Off and water.  Apply to a small area or to a couple of pavers.  Let dwell for 3-5 minutes and then agitate with a stiff bristle brush.  Rinse with water.  Let dry.  If efflorescence is removed, repeat in small sections until you have covered the entire project.  If not removed, repeat as needed using a stronger dilution. Be careful not to etch the surface with too strong of a dilution.

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