Stain & Rust Buster

  • Effective on Common Stains – Non-Greasy Foods, Beverage Spills, Leaves, Moss & More
  • Removes Rust Stains
  • Fast Acting – Works in Minutes
  • Concentrated Formula

S.R.B. is a powerful, concentrated spot cleaner which dislodges and removes common stains caused by moss, mildew, leaf, rust, blood, beverage spills and non-greasy food. S.R.B.’s concentrated, biodegradable formula allows for a full spectrum of dilutions matched to your cleaning needs. S.R.B.’s unique Clean Rinse Technology quickly and easily rinses away residue with a high or low pressure washer.

Suitable Surfaces

Ideal for concrete and clay pavers, concrete flat work and retaining walls. Can also be used on manufactured and natural stone, concrete block, wet cast products. Works on both horizontal and vertical applications.  Not for use on asphalt.

S.R.B. is compatible with all Surebond Sealers with proper dilution, dwell time and application. Misuse may cause damage to the sealer. A test area is always recommended to determine product suitability and compatibility with your specific surface before use and also if desired results are achievable.


Application Sq.Feet Sq.Meters
All Surfaces 100 – 250 9.3 – 23.2


Coverage rates will vary from 100-250 sf per gallon of dilution depending on the surface porosity, texture, severity of staining, application method and other local conditions. Coverage based on single treatment. Some applications may require additional treatments.

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S.R.B.  Helpful Information

Surface & Air Temperatures

Excessively high or low temperatures will produce poor results. Best cleaning results are obtained when air and surface temperatures are 40° F or above. Do not clean when temperatures are below freezing or will be overnight. If freezing conditions exist, allow adequate time for surface to thaw. If air temperatures exceed 90° F, flash cool the surface with water before applying product. Do not allow product to dry on a hot surface.


Sweep and remove all loose soil and debris from the surface. Protect adjacent and surrounding surfaces not intended to be cleaned. Before using S.R.B., test on a small, inconspicuous area to determine the suitability, dilution and correct dwell time of this product for your surface. Allow test areas to dry thoroughly before evaluating final appearance and results.


S.R.B. is a spot cleaner that needs to be diluted prior to use. Amount of dilution is dependent on the level of strength needed for the severity of the stain and the type of surface. Only use what is needed to efficiently clean as under dilution (too strong) may cause damage to the substrate. See ‘Coverage Rates’ for amount of product needed for your cleaning needs. To make a dilution that is ready to use, pour the desired amount of S.R.B. into an empty and clean container, then fill the balance of the container with water and mix.


Apply dilution of S.R.B. using a low-pressure sprayer (garden sprayer/spray bottle). Allow to soak into surface for 5 to 10 minutes. Scrub with a brush to agitate and break down stains. Brushless cleaning requires two applications of S.R.B. spaced several minutes apart without allowing it to dry on the surface. The first pass is to penetrate and the second is to lift the stain out. A hot water pressure washer will further break down surface stains. Rinse thoroughly. Stronger concentrations and secondary cleanings may be needed to remove heavier, deep set stains. Excessive high pressure can damage substrates.

S.R.B. Demonstration

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