Don’t settle for polymeric sand that keeps letting you down. Stop risking costly mistakes and performance issues. Choose trusted, American made PolySweep from SEK-Surebond. When quality and consistency are important, PolySweep is the professional hardscape contractor’s number one polymeric sand choice. Why? Because PolySweep is…JUST DAMN GOOD SAND.

Polysweep delivers superior strength and long-term durability, not gimmicky claims and false promises. PolySweep’s time-tested, original formula provides reliable, haze free performance and is never tricky to install. For hardscape projects that matter, PolySweep is the only choice that delivers solid performance and value. Your reputation is on the line with every job you build so don’t compromise on your polymeric sand.

PolySweep Polymeric Sand.  No Compromises.  Just Damn Good Sand.

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PolySweep & X-Treme Wide Joint Helpful Information

One Sand Does It All

Residential & Commercial Applications: 

Driveways, Walkways, Patios, Pool Decks & Concrete Overlays

Concrete & Clay Pavers • Natural Stone • Cast Stone • Porcelain Tile

Regular & X-Treme Wide Joint PolySweep are a blend of native sands conforming to the ASTM C-144 standard, and polymer binders that once activated allow the joints to expand and contract with the elements such as extreme heat/cold and freeze/thaw cycles. Specially formulated with Clear Set Technology® which uses the highest quality, clearest synthetic polymers, PolySweep will not discolor the surface or leave behind a haze.

Polysweep is recommended for joints up to 3/4” (max), 1” is acceptable where pavers intersect. X-Treme Wide Joint PolySweep is specially formulated for joints ranging from 1/8” up to 4″.  For best performance, install both PolySweep or X-Treme Wide Joint PolySweep with a minimum depth of 1.5”.

Both products prevent sand erosion from the pavement joints caused by rain and other water run-off, deters weed growth and insect infestation plus reduces overall pavement maintenance. Both products are designed to expand and contract during freeze/thaw cycles and remain flexible to resist cracking.

PolySweep Available Colors: Pearl, Tan, Gray, Fieldstone, Platinum and Black 

X-Treme Wide Joint Available Colors:  Tan, Gray, Fieldstone, Platinum and Black


Actual color may vary due to the nature of aggregates, moisture content and the representation on your screen. Call us at 800-932-3343 if you wish to have a color sample sent to you.

Tech Data Sheet


RCS-Respirable Crystalline Silica

PolySweep & X-treme Wide Joint Brochure

Installation Conditions:

  • Prior to installation of Polysweep, make sure pavement joints and surface are completely dry AND there is no rain forecasted for at least 12 hours after installation. Polysweep needs to surpass the set up threshold before getting rained on. If there is a possibility of rain shortly after installation, cover project with a tarp. Remove tarp as soon as threat of rain is gone.
  • PolySweep should be installed when the average ambient air temperature is above 35 degrees for a minimum of 48 hours after installation.
  • Always wear personal protection equipment: eyewear and respirator.
  • PolySweep is designed to work best when following ICPI recommended best practices for base installation. Concrete pavers, slabs and natural stone should have ¾” modified stone base and concrete sand setting bed that conforms to ASTM-C33. See instructions below when using PolySweep on a concrete overlay.

Installation Instructions:

  • Distribute PolySweep evenly across surface. Sweep sand into joints until full, being careful not to push product over long distances on the surface. (1.5” min depth when using PolySweep, 1.25” min depth when using X-Treme Wide Joint). After joints are filled, sweep excess product from the surface.
  • For Concrete Pavers: Run vibratory compactor over the pavement to allow the vibrations to consolidate sand particles into the joints and reduce voids. For Cast Stone or Natural Stone: Use a vibratory rubber roller tamper or a rubber hammer and a piece of wood (2” x 4”).
  • Sweep additional sand into the joints if necessary so that the height of the sand is approximately 1/8” below the pavement surface. (Do not overfill joints.) Remove excess product from the surface. Repeat compaction.
  • After joints are filled, sweep surface with broom and then use a leaf blower held on slight angle but close to parallel to surface to remove any excess sand/dust from the top of surface. Take care not to remove any sand from joints.
  • Using a hose, gently mist the pavement no greater than 500 sf at a time. Allow water to absorb for approximately 5 minutes and repeat misting process three to four times, each time gradually adding more volume of water. The last watering should be a volume of water sufficient enough to rinse off any residual material from the surface.
  • In one of the joints, check the moisture depth in the sand with a screwdriver to see that it has penetrated to at least 1½” for pavers and 1 ¼” for natural stone. Replace sand and only apply additional misting if water hasn’t penetrated at least 1½” for pavers and 1 ¼” for natural stone. For optimal joint performance, be certain the entire sand column is fully saturated
  • Any residual surface water caught in the texture of the pavers or natural stone should be blown off the surface with a leaf blower.


  • Do not apply too much water too fast as to flood the pavement or erode sand from paver joints.
  • Prior to applying Polysweep with natural stone, be sure the surface is free of any dust or stone residue by rinsing thoroughly with water. Then, make sure the natural stone and joints are completely dry prior to installing polymeric sand.
  • Do not apply this product to any wet or damp surface because the polymeric sand will adhere to the surface and is difficult to remove.
  • This product is not designed for vertical applications and is not a substitute for mortar on vertical or horizontal applications.
  • Do not mix or dilute polymeric sand with any other product.

Concrete Overlay Additional Instructions:

When using PolySweep on concrete overlays (pavers/stones installed directly on concrete), a minimum of 1% slope to the concrete and a 1” layer of bedding sand on top of concrete is required. Do not allow water to be trapped in the system. Any water that enters the surface of concrete overlay applications must be allowed to escape the sand setting bed at the outside perimeter of the project. If pavers or stone are set directly on top of the concrete, drill 1” drainage holes thru the concrete with a coverage rate of 1 hole/sq. ft. Fill holes with open graded gravel and covered with geotextile (to keep polymeric sand from migrating into the holes). Drainage channels in lieu of holes in the concrete can also be installed. See ICPI for installation details.


PolySweep contains no portland cement. The curing process is dependent on temperature, humidity level and site conditions. Cool, damp and overcast conditions will increase PolySweep set-up time. Depending on site conditions, a Surebond sealer may be applied (~24 hours after PolySweep activation) provided the surface is clean, dry and PolySweep has set up in the joints.


PolySweep MUST BE STORED in a dry location protected from rain and moisture. Intact, covered pallets can be stored outdoors.

Click the image below to download the PolySweep Polymeric Sand Installation PDF.
polysweep-polymeric-sand-installation-pdf PolySweep Install Instructions – Spanish 7.20

When using PolySweep with porcelain tile, follow the installation instructions for natural stone as posted here on our website or as listed in the product literature. Specifically, during the compaction step use a vibratory rubber roller or a rubber hammer and a piece of wood rather than a vibratory plate compactor.

PolySweep…Just Damn Good Sand

PolySweep Installation

How To Check For Correct Water Penetration

Cohesive Strength is Paramount

Please visit our video gallery to view all available how to and promotional videos.

If PolySweep (both regular and X-Treme Wide Joint PolySweep – here on out referred to as ‘PolySweep’) has been installed per SEK-Surebond instructions, and is proven to have a manufacturer defect, then SEK-Surebond will refund the Polysweep purchase price. SEK-Surebond will only be obligated for the refund of the PolySweep purchase price and will not be responsible/liable for any other costs. Proof of purchase is required for any claim. SEK-Surebond specifically excludes any implied warranty for Polysweep product that is used on projects that do not meet manufacturer’s recommended application types and installation protocol for PolySweep. SEK-Surebond has no control over sub-surface conditions, base preparation, surface and weather conditions at the time of installation, therefore joint and pavement system performance cannot be guaranteed. SEK-Surebond recommends the user install a test area first to determine that this product is suitable for their project.

Can Polysweep be used with Porcelain Tile?

Yes. Polysweep is compatible with almost all types of hardscape surfaces. See PolySweep literature or packaging for more information.

How long does it take Polysweep to cure?

After water activation, Poly sweep will start to be firm within a few hours but not fully cured for 12 to 24 hours depending on weather.

How wide of a joint will Polysweep fill?

Regular Polysweep with perform best in a joint of ¾” or smaller and Polysweep X-Treme with work in joints 4” or less.

What colors is Polysweep available in?

Polysweep and Polysweep X-Treme is available in Tan, Gray, and the new Platinum.

Will the color wash out onto my patio?

No. The colors in Polysweep are the natural pigments of the aggregate with no dyes or stains added.


  • 50 lb bags
  • 2500 lb super sack


Shipping Specifications:

Full Pallet – 56 Bags

  • Pallet Weight: 2850 Pounds
  • Pallet Dimensions: 44″ x 44″ x31″
  • Freight Class: 50

Super Sack – 1 unit

  • Pallet Weight: 2550 Pounds
  • Pallet Dimensions: 48″ x 42″ x 39″
  • Freight Class: 50