Efflo Off
Efflorescence, Mineral & Salt Deposit Cleaner

  • Heavy Duty Cleaning Action: Cleans Tough Efflorescence, Mineral & Salt Deposits. Restores & Deep Cleans a Surface Overall. Prepares Surface for Sealing.
  • Safe For Most Surfaces: Does Not Damage or Etch Surfaces with Proper Dilution. Replaces Harsh Acid-Based Cleaners
  • Environmentally Friendly: Biodegradable
  • Concentrated Formula: Customize Strength to Match Cleaning Needs
  • Clean Rinse Technology: Dirt & Cleaner Residue Rinses Away Easily

Efflo Off is a technologically advanced concentrated blend of buffered, non-acid organic salts and additives designed for the removal of tough efflorescence, mineral and salt deposits without damaging the surface when following dilution instructions.  Its biodegradable, environmentally friendly and phosphate-free formula safely replaces many harsh acid-based cleaners.  After spot cleaning has been completed, Efflo Off can be used outside, on old and new, horizontal or vertical surfaces as a heavy duty surface cleaner and will prepare the surface for sealing by creating optimal conditions for sealer adhesion and ultimate aesthetic value. Efflo Off’s Clean Rinse Technology allows dirt and cleaner residue to be quickly and easily rinsed away with a low or high pressure washer.  Efflo Off is concentrated and requires dilution prior to use.  With proper dilution and dwell time, it is safe to use on surfaces sealed with Surebond sealers.

Suitable Surfaces

Suitable for concrete and clay pavers, flat and stamped concrete, masonry, natural and manufactured stone, segmental retaining wall blocks, concrete walls and exposed aggregate. Can also be used on tile, terrazzo and stucco.  Safe to use on old or new surfaces in outside environments. Use caution on sensitive surfaces such as wet cast pavers and stamped concrete as it may cause damage to color of the surface. Not for use on asphalt. May cause damage to certain woods, metals and plants (protect these areas that could come in contact with cleaner). Test first to verify suitability, dilution rate and dwell time before cleaning the entire surface.

Efflo Off is compatible with all Surebond Sealers with proper dilution, dwell time and application. Misuse may cause damage to the sealer. A test area is always recommended to determine product suitability and compatibility with your specific surface before use and also if desired results are achievable.

Coverage Per Gallon of Diluted Product

Application Sq.Feet Sq.Meters
All Surfaces 100 – 200 9.3 – 18.6


Coverage based on single treatment. Some applications may require additional treatments. Coverage rate may vary depending on the surface porosity, texture, severity of staining, application method and local conditions.

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Efflo Off Helpful Information

Efflo Off TDS Spanish
Efflo Off TDS Spanish


Remove all loose soil and debris from the surface. Efflo Off may be corrosive to certain woods, metals and plants. Cover and protect adjacent and surrounding surfaces not intended to be cleaned. Inspect area for visible staining to determine stain types and quantity. If necessary, perform spot cleaning with Surebond Specialty Cleaners designed to attack specific stains before cleaning overall. TEST FIRST:  Before using Efflo Off, test on a small inconspicuous area following the application instructions to determine suitability, correct dilution and dwell time needed for your surface. Allow test area to dry thoroughly before evaluating final appearance and results.

Dilution Instructions

Efflo Off requires dilution with water prior to use. Amount of dilution is dependent on severity of staining and if surface has been previously sealed. Only use strength of dilution required to sufficiently clean. Under dilution (too strong) may cause damage to the substrate.  To make a dilution that is ready-to-use, pour the desired amount of Efflo Off into an empty and clean one or five gallon container.  Fill the balance of the container with water and mix.

Application Information

Clean when air and surface temperatures are 40° F or above. If freezing conditions exist, allow time for the surface to thaw. If air temperature exceeds 90° F, flash cool the surface with water before applying product. Do not allow product to dry on a hot surface. Rinse thoroughly while cleaner is still wet on the surface. Always perform a pre-test (refer to Pre-Test Instructions). On large projects, it may be necessary to work in smaller more manageable sections.

Application Tools:  low-pressure high-volume sprayer, clean stiff bristle brush or broom, flat surface cleaner attachment (optional), cold or hot water pressure washer with 25° to 40° tip

Application Instructions: Efflo Off is designed for one application cleaning and requires dilution before use (refer to Dilution Instructions). Stronger concentrations and additional cleanings may be needed to remove stubborn efflorescence, mineral deposits or salt. Spray dilution of Efflo Off on the surface. White foam signals cleaner is working. Let cleaner dwell on surface 3 – 5 minutes. Agitate the surface with brush, broom or flat surface cleaner to break down stains. Rinse surface thoroughly with a pressure washer or garden hose with nozzle. Only use as much pressure needed to thoroughly clean surface. Excessive high pressures can damage substrate. Before installing joint sand or sealing, allow surface to dry completely.

Alternative Application Method: Spray dilution of Efflo Off on the surface. After initial foam collapse, which is typically within 3 – 5 minutes, reapply product without rinsing. Reapply cleaner 1 – 2 additional times until it no longer foams on the surface. Do not allow Efflo Off to dwell on the surface for more than 3-5 minutes between applications. Agitate surface with brush, broom or flat surface cleaner. Rinse surface thoroughly with a pressure washer or garden hose with nozzle. Only use as much pressure needed to thoroughly clean surface. Excessive high pressures can damage substrate. Before installing joint sand or sealing, allow surface to dry completely.

Clean Up

Rinse all tools and overspray thoroughly with water before product dries.

Efflorescence Cleaning with Efflo Off

Four Steps to Hardscape Restoration

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