SB-1000 PermStikTM
PICP Chip Stabilizer

  • Permeable PICP Chip Binder: Binds Together ASTM #8, #9 or #89 Chips. Minimizes Chip Loss & Scattering.
  • Antifungal Film Protection: Protects Sealer Film from mold, moss and algae
  • Stain Resistant: Promotes Easier Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Surface Protection: Guards Against Surface Intrusion of Salts & Other Contaminants
  • Breathable, Immediate Application: Does Not Trap Moisture or Efflorescence

SB-1000 PermStik is a water-based hybrid polymer blend. It is designed to bind together ASTM #8, #9 or #89 aggregate chips used in permeable paving systems to minimize chip scattering and loss due to extractive forces from washout, traffic and pavement sweeping. It can be used outdoors on old and new horizontal surfaces.  SB-1000 can be applied immediately after surface installation, as it is breathable and will not trap naturally occurring moisture or efflorescence. SB-1000 protects the surface from water and salt, as well as minimizes overall surface weathering and deterioration.  On a newly installed or restored surface, SB-1000 will lock in its clean natural look and provide stain resistance which makes cleaning and maintenance easier.  SB-1000 is specially formulated with an antifungal designed to help inhibit the growth of mold, moss and algae on the sealer film.  It is non-hazardous and VOC/EPA compliant. SB-1000 has the consistency of water, is milky white when applied and dries transparent on most surfaces.  Cured sealer is freeze resistant to -60°F (-51°C) and is stable up to a temperature of 180°F (82°C).

Suitable Surfaces

Designed for PICP (permeable) systems and also can be used with concrete and clay pavers, natural and manufactured stone. Safe to use on old or new surfaces in outside environments. Not recommended for granite, marble, asphalt, glazed or ceramic tile. Test first to verify performance and appearance before applying.

Coverage Per Gallon

Assuming 11% void areas and 1” of chip stabilization, coverage rate is 75 – 100 sf per gallon.

Coverage is based on single coat. Some applications may require additional coats. Actual coverage may vary depending on the type, age, condition, joint size and porosity of the surface, application method and other local conditions such as temperature and humidity.

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SB-1000 Helpful Information

SB-1000 TDS Spanish


TEST SEALER FIRST on a small inconspicuous area to determine suitability and if desired results are achievable with this product.  Testing will also determine final coverage rate necessary to adequately bind chips.  Before sealing, surface should be thoroughly cleaned and prepared with Surebond Cleaners. For spot cleaning, use S.R.B. and/or Oil Extractor before cleaning the surface overall with SureClean.  Use Efflo Off for efflorescence cleaning and SureStrip to remove previously applied sealer, other than SB-1000.  Remove and kill any mold, mildew, fungus or algae. Thoroughly rinse all cleaner residue from the surface. Allow surface to dry for a minimum of 24 hours after cleaning and/or rain before chip installation or sealer application. 

Joint Fill: Paver joints should be filled with ASTM #8, #9 or #89 aggregate such as SEK-Surebond Perm Chips. Vibrate surface with vibratory roller or compactor after sweeping chips into joints to consolidate.

Prior to Sealing: Use a leaf blower to remove dust, debris and fine sand particles from the surface. Cover/protect nearby landscape, vehicles, and buildings from overspray during application.


Apply when day and night temperatures are between 40°F – 95°F. Maximum surface temperature should not exceed 120°F. Allow surface to dry for a minimum of 24 hours after cleaning and/or rain before sealer application. Avoid windy conditions to keep sealer spray from drifting. NO pre-blending or mixing required. DO NOT DILUTE. Agitate or stir before each use. SB-1000 is designed for a one-coat application.  Excessive applications may decrease breathability and/or cause surface to become slippery. Some surfaces may require an anti-slip additive to increase friction.

Application Tools:  low pressure high volume sprayer*, slit foam roller, foam squeegee for chip stabilization

* Airless sprayers are not recommended for application due to the volume of material applied, but hand held pump sprayers can be used on smaller projects. Use the largest nozzle possible to ensure adequate coverage

Flood Coat & Squeegee Application: Agitate or stir before each use. Use coverage guidelines and rate determined from Pre-Test (See Pre-Test instructions) to determine the correct amount of sealer necessary to provide adequate stabilization in the joint. Liberally spray sealer to flood surface focusing on the joints. Immediately use a foam squeegee to direct excess sealer into joints. Remove all surface pooling and as much excess sealer as possible by back rolling with a roller.

Once complete, clean all application equipment with water and do not allow material to dry in spray equipment as removal becomes more difficult.

NOTE: Excessive application of the product can cause surface to become slippery.

Dry Time

Surface and joints will be dry to the touch within 60 minutes assuming 65-85°F at 50% relative humidity. Low surface or air temperature and or high relative humidity will extend dry times. Complete curing of the joints will take longer than 24 hours. Protect the surface from dust, rain, condensation and traffic while drying. Area can be open to foot & vehicular traffic in 24 hours depending on site conditions and curing.

Clean Up

For tools and equipment, clean with soap and water before product is allowed to dry.

SB-1000 SDS (Mfd. prior to 1/20)
SB-1000 With Antfungal (new for 2020) SDS