New for 2020: EdgeCrete Paver Restraint

Designed For Open Graded Base & Permeable Applications

New for 2020!  Introducing EdgeCrete, SEK-Surebond’s Paver Restraint In A Bag.  EdgeCrete is a fiber reinforced, polymer modified concrete edge restraint designed for paver and natural stone applications on an open graded or permeable base.  It also can be used with paver and natural stone applications on a standard baseJust mix 1/2 gallon of water with each 50 lb. bag of EdgeCrete and install following instructions.

  • Fiber Reinforced to Resist Cracking
  • Polymer Modified for Superior Strength
  • Simple to Install – No Spikes Required

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EdgeCrete Helpful Information

EdgeCrete Install Guide
Standard Base Illustration
Open Graded Base Illustration

Why Professional Contractors Choose EdgeCrete

EdgeCrete Installation How To