Add The Finishing Touch With…Brick Paver Lights

The original ‘Paver Light!’ brick shaped units work perfectly with both concrete and clay pavers. Three nominal 4” x 8” sizes are available and compatible with many paver manufacturers’ products. We also offer a commercial version. Brick paver lights can be used in patios, walkways, pool decks and driveways. Their rugged reinforced design can withstand the load of a passenger car or light commercial vehicle. The light lens can be removed quickly and easily for fast bulb replacement.

  • Available in boxes of 10 light fixtures and bulbs with standard (opaque), tan or gray lenses
  • Replacement lenses and bulbs are available

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Brick Paver Lights Helpful Information

Kerr Lighting Brochure

Brick Light
7 3/8” (L) x 3 15/16” (W) x 2 3/8” (H)
Casino Light
7” (L) x 4 ½” (W) x 2 3/8” (H)
"BC” Light
9” (L) x 4 ½” (W) x 2 3/8” (H)
Commercial Light
7 7/8” (L) x 3 15/16” (W) x 2 3/8” (H)