EZ Set is a trass-based, fiber-reinforced binder used to create a highly permeable, freeze-thaw-resistant bedding layer for paving stones, brick, porcelain tile, and natural stone. EZ Set is easy to install and helps reduce efflorescence migration up through the pavement system. Available in either a ready-to-use or a concentrate form which is blended with 3/8″ angular clear aggregate onsite.

Building with EZ Set will ensure your most demanding installations deliver solid performance for years to come. The EZ Way to Build Stronger!

Suitable projects include walkways, patios, pool decks, courtyards, driveways, parking lots, and streetscapes.

  • Trass-Blend Fiber Reinforced
    • Creates a Rigid Structural Setting Bed
  • Promotes Internal System Drainage
    • Reduces Freeze/Thaw Damage
    • Helps Minimize Efflorescence
  • Easy To Install
    • Mixes Onsite with 3/8″ Angular, Clear Stone
    • Ready to Use Option Also Available

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EZ Set Helpful Information

Sell Sheet

Tech Data Sheet


Installation Instructions

Instrucciones de Instalación

EZ Overlay and EZ Set SDS


  • 60 lb bag


Shipping Specifications:

Full Pallet –

  • Pallet Weight: 3360
  • Pallet Dimensions:
  • Freight Class: 50