SB-6000 Wet Look Sealer

  • Surface Enhancement: Deeply Enhances Surface Tone and Satin Finish
  • Surface Protection: Guards Against Salt, Acid & Other Corrosives
  • Stain Resistant Water-Based Formula:  Promotes Easier Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Breathable, Immediate Application: Does Not Trap Moisture or Efflorescence

SB-6000 Wet Look Sealer is a proprietary water-based modified-latex exterior quality sealer.  It can be used indoors and outdoors, on old and new, horizontal or vertical surfaces to provide surface protection and enhancement. SB-6000 can be applied immediately after surface installation, as it is breathable and will not trap naturally occurring moisture or efflorescence. SB-6000 protects the surface from salts, acids and other corrosive chemicals as well as minimizes overall surface weathering and deterioration. On a newly installed or restored surface, SB-6000 will enhance surface tone with a wet look, satin finish and provide stain resistance which makes cleaning and maintenance easier. It is non-hazardous and VOC/EPA compliant. SB-6000 has the consistency of water, is milky white when applied and dries clear with satin finish. Cured sealer is freeze resistant to -60°F (-51°C) and is stable up to a temperature of 180°F (82°C).

Suitable Surfaces

Suitable for concrete and clay pavers, flat and stamped concrete, masonry, natural and manufactured stone, segmental retaining wall blocks, concrete walls and exposed aggregate. May be used on porous or unglazed tile, terrazzo and terra cotta. Safe to use on old or new surfaces in both inside and outside environments. Not recommended for granite, marble, asphalt, glazed or ceramic tile. Test first to verify performance and appearance before applying.

A test area is always recommended to determine product suitability and compatibility with your specific surface before use and also if desired results are achievable.  Due to the inherent variability of natural stone and clay products, long term performance may vary. Please consult with us prior to sealing if there are concerns.

Coverage Per Gallon

Application Sq.Feet Sq.Meters
Pavers & Other Hardscape Surfaces 100 – 200 9.3 – 18.6
Concrete 150 – 250 13.9 – 25.2
Retaining Walls & Other Vertical Surfaces 100 – 200 9.3 – 18.6


Coverage based on single coat. Two coats of SB-6000 are recommended. Second coat is estimated between 200-300 sf per gallon (18.6 – 27.9 m/g). Actual coverage may vary depending on the type, age, condition, porosity of the surface, application method and other local conditions such as temperature & humidity.

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SB-6000 Helpful Information

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Application Instructions

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Spray & Back Roll Application

Four Steps to Surface Restoration

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SB-6000 CSI Specification