Secure Your Hardscape or Edge Your Landscaping With Barrier

Barrier Edge Restraint is the perfect product for homeowners and do-it-yourselfers to create a permanent barrier between different landscape materials.  It is easy to install and gives professional results which also makes it a good choice for contractors too.  It can be used as a landscape edging or paver edge restraint.  Convenient, single piece design can be used for straight runs, sweeping curves or tight bends.  Barrier is reusable – if the design changes, simply reinstall!  It comes in 6’ 8” pieces with a 1 7/8” back wall height and 2 7/8” wide base.  It is available at select retail locations and our online store.


Barrier Helpful Information

Barrier Edging When Used for Pavers:

  • Flexible design can be used in straight lines, curves and tight bends
  • Helps secure paver bricks & prevents pavers from moving horizontally
  • Open Base design allows grass roots to help anchor edging in place
  • Barrier is invisible after installation

Barrier Edging When Used for Landscaping:

  • Ideal for creating a professional edge to your planting beds and gardens
  • Perfect solution for building tree rings
  • Creates permanent barrier between different landscape materials
  • Holds landscape fabric and weed barriers firmly in place.

Barrier Installation

Barrier Cross Section

Using Barrier to Edge Your Garden Like A Pro

SEK strives to offer the highest quality products using the most environmentally friendly material and processes that maintain a threshold of product performance expected by our customers.  Our products and services are engineered to reduce the environmental impacts compared to similar products and services used for the same purpose.

SEK products are manufactured to last well beyond the industry expectation. By increasing the “in use” life span of our products, it eliminates the need to consume additional raw materials and the energy/fuels needed to make and transport new product.

All edge restraints produced by SEK (Snap Edge, Snap Edge Low Profile and Barrier) are made from 100% recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE).  The recycled HDPE comes from both post-consumer and post industrial material.  HDPE is an inert material, versus PVC which is not, eliminating the concern of environmental contamination into the soil or atmosphere.

Our spikes, both steel and composite, are made from recycled steel and post-medical monitor casing and instrument trays.

SEK has a sustainability leader who actively explores ways for us to incorporate new practices, processes, materials, packaging, etc. to improve our environmental position.  We integrate economic, environmental and social decisions into our decision making. We are committed to meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.