High Strength Structural Grade Hardscape Adhesive

  • High Strength
  • Ultra Flexible
  • Super Durable

SB-190 EVERSEAL is a versatile, high strength, hard-setting, one-part adhesive sealant. SB-190 has superb 2,000 PSI tensile strength with excellent impact resistance. It is water and weather proof, fast set-up, quick curing, high-strength, and a structural grade adhesive. Can be applied easily with a standard caulking gun.


Ideal for Caps, Steps, Columns, Seat Walls, Retaining Walls, Grill Surrounds, Outdoor Kitchens and any exterior hardscape application where a high strength and flexible bond is beneficial.

Suitable Surfaces

Suitable for concrete pavers & block, clay pavers, coping systems, masonry and brick, natural and manufactured stone, slate and porcelain tile. Also bonds to other building materials such as plastic, fiberglass, metal, glass, painted materials, PVC, vinyl and wood.


Bead Size Per Cartridge: 10.3 fl. oz.
1/8" bead 103 linear feet
1/4" bead 26 linear feet
3/8" bead 13.5 linear feet

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SB-190 EverSeal Helpful Information

SB-190 EverSeal is a versatile, high-strength, hard-setting, one-part adhesive sealant. Superb 2,000 PSI tensile with excellent impact resistance. Water and weather proof.

• High Strength
• Flexible
• Excellent Memory
• Hard-Setting
• One-Part

• Durable bond to mateiral
• Allows for movement of dissimilar materials
• Does not become brittle
• Pick-proof
• Easy application
• Long service life
• Minimizes dust pickup


SB-190 EverSeal Bond Technical Data Sheet


Before application, inspect pavers or stones to ensure they are smooth, flat and of the same height. Substrate must be structurally sound with no spalling, cracking or scaling. For ultimate adhesion, surface must be clean, dry, free from dirt, oil and grease, or any other material. If cleaning is required, prepare surface with SureClean Deep Penetrating Multi-Use Cleaner. Rinse thoroughly and let dry before applying SB-190. To ensure final assembly, dry fit all pieces prior to applying SB-190. Proper drainage must be provided so that water does not drain into and collect in adhered areas.


Cut nozzle to desired size and puncture inner seal. Apply a 1/8” to 3/8” bead of SB-190 using a caulking gun. On most applications, apply SB-190 in a “loose’ ‘S’ shape so that the beads do not touch when sandwiched between substrates. Less product is more when it comes to the SB-190 EVERSEAL; using only as much product as needed will facilitate faster curing and will also result in using less product overall on the product.  Where there is a potential for moisture infiltration, apply multiple lines of SB-190 EVERSEAL parallel with the drainage flow. Positioning and aligning should be done within 10-15 minutes of application.


SB-190 starts to skin over in 20-25 minutes. Cure time is dependent on the amount of material used, exposure to air and environmental/site conditions (air temperature, surface temperature), and may slowly cure over days to weeks. SB-190 is stronger partially cured than most other adhesives are fully-cured.  At full cure, SB-190 is non-toxic and has a Class A flame spread of 5.


While adhesive is uncured, remove excess material from tools with naphtha or mineral spirits. See cautionary information on the labels of the cleaner used.

Correct Adhesive Application

SB-10 SDS Sheet